Groups & Workshops

What is Group Therapy?

Psychodynamic group therapy is a long term process group. This type of group offers an environment which enables an individual to work through their unconscious dysfunctional patterns in their lives. The premise is that the group is a microcosm of the individual’s world and group is a “healthy family” in which people can see themselves, learn new skills, new patterns. The psychodynamic group provides a space for people to experience ways they express themselves in a safe and loving process. As people act out their patterns, the group offers support, feedback, safety and connection.

Principles of psychodynamic group

  1. We are not alone. There is always someone who can relate or has been through something similar
  2. The micro reflects the macro. How you behave in life will be reflected in group
  3. The group has a life, energy of its own. People may fluctuate within different roles within the group, just as in family.
  4. The group is always talking about itself, as are individuals
  5. The goal is to survive and grow, as in a healthy family

What can I expect?

Psychodynamic groups have the same people each week. There is no set topic, as members bring their issues and dynamics to the group to process. The group process can be emotional, as unconscious projections are reflected, acted, discussed and released. Members give feedback to each other, offering a supportive team approach to growth.

Currently Lori runs psycho dynamic therapy groups, for men and women.  These groups are weekly and require a commitment. The groups explore personal issues such as: anxiety, depression, childhood trauma, relationship issues, behavioural patterns, assertive communication, trust, integrity, all while  revealing and exploring unconscious dynamics.


Expect to be transformed!


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