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Using Movies in Therapy

I was thinking how therapeutic movies can be, especially when emotions can be overwhelming when working through deeper issues. Sometimes it can be helpful to see the issue or dynamic outside of the self to see and feel it from a different dimension. Here is a brief...

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10 Symptoms You May Be Depressed

low concentration fatigue hopelessness pessimism less interaction with people change in sleep patterns weight appetite changes ie bingeing aches and pains (I.e. stomach aches) irritation (unwarranted) thoughts of not wanting to be here Causes range from brain...

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Happy Spring! After the winter months, spring is such a welcomed time of year.  Everything feels like it is becoming alive once again.  For our minds, and bodies, this is the perfect time of year to engage in a little spring cleaning ourselves:  maybe a liver cleanse...

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Get it Off of Me!

Weight loss can be a very complex problem and usually specific to the individual.  There are various reasons for weight gain:  hormonal/glandular problems, sugar uptake problems (hypoglycemia, syndrome X) poor nutritional choices, lack of exercise, genetics,...

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Are you this Puppy?

There once was a puppy that was part Jack Russell part Chihuahua:  Jackawawa. He was a fun loving puppy who liked to sniff and ask lots of questions. In short he was a nosey dog. Many people would stop and stare at the puppy since he was so cute. Many would try and...

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The practice of meditation began in ancient times before man even had the ability to write. The first known use of meditation took place 15,000 years ago with hunter-gatherers. Cave paintings have been found showing people lying on the ground in a meditative state....

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Did you know? (Supplements)

It is not about “you are what you eat” it is more about “you are what you absorb”.  If the body is unable to absorb minerals and vitamins from the food and supplements which you take, essentially you are wasting time and money. When purchasing supplements, price is...

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Did You Know? (Food Combining)

Did you know that food combining can be advantageous to those with digestive issues? We often forget that our body is similar to a machine Specific combinations of foods and nutrients are needed in order to sustain and maintain this working machine.  In some respects...

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How to Choose a Psychotherapist

Are they regulated? Psychotherapists are a regulated group of professionals. They are required to follow specific guidelines, codes of ethics and follow standards of practice. Psychotherapists can treat issues that have been diagnosed. Do they have previous experience...

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